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The history of Al Eman foundation

Since the establishment of the foundation of Al Eman Foundation in 1990 , thanks to Allla and with his praise, We make our approach is honesty in the handling , quality in the product and innovation in the industry is the most important basics on which the business was built on it . The main principle which controling our work of the group is ” Which enables us to fulfill our promises to our valued customers. Through the realization of this principle, Al-Eman Feed foundation has been able to take steady steps in the field of poultry feed industry and feed concentrates.


As a result of studies on the broiler fattening sector in Egypt, it was found that the nutritional requirements of fattening birds for the high conversion varieties (white) differ in the case of domestic breeding in intensive farms.

ingredient of   al eman feed , Soybean oil – 47% – Yellow corn – Antioxidants – 60% Glutin 60% – Calcium dicalcosate – Limestone powder – Pure refined soy oil – Food salt – Lysine – Methionine – Premix Vitamins and salts – Probiotics – Enzymes and growth stimulants

It can make the difference How can golden Al Eman feed , such as the cloning of fattening, help achieve the standard in the early ages? Golden Faith helps the early development of intestines and internal organs. Golden belief helps the early development of the immune system as it is unique to contain the extracts useful fats from fish. Golden belief helps the early consumption of water and food because of the containment of the golden belief on what leads to the palpation and the demand of birds on fodder, which leads to high consumption of fodder, and this balance of the electrolyte leading to an increase in water consumption, as well as the golden faith of smell A certain unique intelligence helps to attract the chick of fattening on food, especially in the early critical days of chickpeas.

And always develop and strive for everything that is new and modern scientific and global to reach the maximum technical and technological capabilities to achieve profitability and to avoid the risks surrounding the poultry industry in Egypt Quality control with periodic analysis of each patch of the quality control team supported by the latest laboratory equipment Research farms to experiment feed Veterinary medicines and immunizations to provide service An integrated customer clearance for all vehicles before entering the factory is a follow-up technical team to monitor the results and support the breeder at the farm. coming soon


Soon ,AL Eman new Feed Mill in Alexandria

Our clients are success partners

Quality control , periodic analysis of each batch by the quality control team supported with the most latest laboratory equipment

Al Eman Quality

it is mean that, each pellet of feed has history, kwone origin , each pellet of feed on the best of the technology had reached and that each pellet of feed participates to achieve a strong partnership between Al Eman foundation and its consumer to be one of the ribs poultry industry (beside mangment and Chick) to reach the best profitability


Quality Comes First
first all, worker, engineers and experts at the highest level of proficiency in all segments are carefully selected