Chairman of Board of Directors

In the name of of Allah the Merciful
Dear customers
After Greetings

Praise be to Allah, Lord of the Worlds, and prayers and peace be upon the noble prophets and messengers Prophet Muhammad and his family and companions.

Since the establishment of the foundation of Al Eman Foundation in 1990 AD thanks to God and praise and we make our approach is honesty in the handling and quality in the production and innovation in the industry is the most important basics of the group The main principle of the group Al Eman is " Which enables us to fulfill our promises to our valued customers. Through the realization of this principle, Al-Iman Feed Establishment has been able to make steady progress in the field of poultry feed and feed concentrates.
At Al-Eman foundation we are in the process of achieving our objectives in the field of feed industry, adopting the best working methods and providing services that exceed work expectations.

The real challenge is trade in excellence and unprecedented success.
And this is to God dear
Best wishes for success

Chairman of Board of Directors
Haj / Hamada Mohammed Hassanin


The group of Al Eman foundation will be a leader in the field of poultry feed industry locally and regionally and able to grow and develop continuously with full commitment to the total quality standards and absolute credibility with customers to achieve joint success as well as to promote the feed industry in Egypt


Together to achieve common success
• Commitment to total quality to be the first choice for customers
• Distinguishing our products and keeping them abreast of global development
• Delivering integrated services that exceed customer expectations
• Opening up new markets internally and externally with commitment to continuous development and creativity at work


Leadership locally and regionally
• Customer care and technical and technical support to achieve the highest profitability and continuous success
• Provide the best products to customers
• Participate positively in the development of society by paying attention to customers and employees of faith institutions
• To contribute effectively to the promotion of the domestic poultry feed industry and its access to the world

Our customers

Dealing on the basis that the client is a partner of success and development:
The client is a key partner in success and development and this brand is based on a solid of honesty and honesty