Al-Eman Foundation History

Established in 1990 With a great passion and high sense of responsibility towards total quality establishing the bases of trust with customers and feeding market stakeholders.
For more than 30 years of praising the values of honesty, Integrity and hardworking, Al Eman company has succeeded to fulfill the needs of the Egyptian market with the powerful large production capacity of the three feeds factories putting Al Eman company as one of the largest feeds manufacturers in the entire middle east region.

AL-Eman Foundation


Years Experience
Production Capacity

Chairman Message

Since the establishment of Al Eman Company in 1990, we have promised the Egyptian market the finest quality feed products using the latest feeds manufacturing technologies, and have built our approach with honesty and perfection in the handling quality production and innovation… Applying the latest industry standards and total quality control are the most important basics of Al Eman Company industry approaches.The main principle of Al Eman Company is the sustainable continuous improvement “Which enables us to fulfill our promises to our valued customers and keeping our products and processes up-to-date with innovation and commitments to quality”.

Haj/Hamda Mohamed Mohamed Hassan

Chairman of Al-Eman Foundation


Our Mission

Al Eman Feed Company provides exceptional high-quality feeds for all poultry and livestock companies and small medium and large-scale investors.

With very high manufacturing capabilities and the collaboration with best industry standard manufacturing machines providers, Al Eman offers the Egyptian market with all its needs in the poultry and livestock feeds.

Led by highly qualified team of experts, an international quality standards are achieved in every production process on all the 3 factories of Al Eman company.

Values of Al Eman Companies



We are committed to excellence in every detail through all our processes, and committed to sustain this excellence around every process.



We are always ready to take our responsibilities towards our customer’s satisfaction along with our responsibilities towards our communities.



Al Eman Company respects the differences between its employees, and also between its clients’ cultures, and we value these differences to gain the best intellectual benefits.



We at Al Eman Company respect our commitments and keep our words, we deal with honesty in all situations.



In doing business that will be reflected on every detail of our work.



We at Eman Company respect our employees, suppliers, and our customers.

Why choose Al-Eman Feed

Al Eman Company Feed Value Proposition.


Al Eman Company Feed provides

the market with the perfect formulas of quality feeds that maximize the ROI of every investor, poultry or Livestock Company.


The highest inspection

and quality control due to the sophisticated scientific laboratory insuring best raw material and exceptional final product standardization.


With our international partners

we at Al Eman provide the highest technology feeds with international industry standard manufacturing machines along with top quality packing technologies.


Three major feed factories

along with large filling packaging factory and three main administrative buildings establishing the right company structure to complete the total business quality standards.

Innovation and Total Quality

Al Eman Company insists on total quality in all the inspection and manufacturing process from selecting raw materials through the entire process of manufacturing until reaching the final process of very high-quality packing.

And this total quality process starts with establishing quality industry leading sample analysis laboratory with the latest laboratory equipment ensuring the quality of feeds’ ingredients and testing final products to the highest quality standards for more and more value to offer to Al Eman valuable customers, until we reached a zero-error rate in order to provide a higher value to our esteemed clients.

Al Eman Company also established a large exceptional quality packing factory to complement the quality feeds with quality sealed packing.

In order to complement the innovation and total quality, Al-Eman Group has established a huge factory for manufacturing packaging containers (sacks) with high international standards, in order to preserve Al Eman feed products packaging from commercial fraud and imitation.