Al-Abbaseya Factory

Abu Hamada, Sharkeya, Egypt

Abu Kabir Factory

Al Sawaky, Sharkeya, Egypt

Al-Amiriya Factory

Alexandria Governorate, Amiriya, 35 Nasiriyah


Hotline: 16197

Phone: 01061832000 - 01064444483 - 01116983000

Email: info@alemanfoundation.com



    Chairman Message

    Since the establishment of Al Eman Company in 1990, we have promised the Egyptian market the finest quality feed products using the latest feeds manufacturing technologies, and have built our approach with honesty and perfection in the handling quality production and innovation… Applying the latest industry standards and total quality control are the most important basics of Al Eman Company industry approaches.The main principle of Al Eman Company is the sustainable continuous improvement “Which enables us to fulfill our promises to our valued customers and keeping our products and processes up-to-date with innovation and commitments to quality”.

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